GS E&C develops big data-based smart home system

By Jung Min-kyung
  • Published : Nov 25, 2019 - 15:06
  • Updated : Nov 25, 2019 - 15:06

South Korea’s GS Engineering and Construction said Monday that it has built a big data and artificial intelligence-based smart home system that could bolster security and add convenience for local apartment residents.

The Xi AI platform, co-developed with its real estate development subsidiary Xi S&D, is programmed to offer customized living conditions for its users based on its analysis of relevant data. It has the ability to provide clean air by measuring the level of fine dust, control room temperatures and control elevator movements. 

A GS E&C employee demonstrates the Xi Ai platform in an apartment. (GS E&C)

The system can easily connect with internet of things devices, which enables homeowners to everything from lights to robot vacuums when they leave the house through their smartphones. It is compatible with all voice-controlled AI platforms here, including KT’s Giga Genie and SK Telecom’s Nugu.

In terms of security, the platform encompasses a facial recognition door lock and a special surveillance camera. The system is hack-proof with high-level encryptions and strong firewalls, the firm said.

GS E&C aims to apply such systems to 10,000 households living in its apartment complexes by 2021.

By Jung Min-kyung (