Korean firms to roll out new games at G-Star 2019

By Lim Jeong-yeo
  • Published : Nov 11, 2019 - 15:47
  • Updated : Nov 11, 2019 - 16:05

Despite the absence of Nexon and NCSoft, global gaming convention G-Star 2019 that will be held in Busan this week will showcase many new games to whet the appetite of enthusiasts.

The two Korean game heavyweights have decided to skip this year’s biggest game event in South Korea to focus on their new titles. Their gap will be filled by small and midsized local companies, Chinese firms, game engine developers and major tech firms here.

Netmarble is showcasing four games at its booth including the massively multiplayer online role-playing game A3: Still Alive and Magic: Manastrike. While these two have been mentioned at previous Netmarble events, two other games -- Seven Knights Revolution and Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds -- will be revealed for the first time.

Pearl Abyss will roll out its new games Plan 8, DokeV, Crimson Desert and Shadow Arena on Thursday at its G-Star booth. The announcement will be live-streamed on Twitch and YouTube for the global enthusiasts. Its Iceland subsidiary CCP’s EVE Online will launch a Korean version at the Pearl Abyss booth.

Samsung Electronics is supplying gaming monitors and laptops, as well as its latest smartphones Galaxy A90, Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Fold, at Pearl Abyss’ booth for visitors to enjoy playing.

Pearl Abyss will showcase new games at G-Star 2019 (Pearl Abyss)
Fashion brand Covernat's collaboration with Player Unknown's Battlegrounds. The hoodies are for sale at PUBG booth during the G-Star 2019 and will be released to the wider market later. (PUBG)

PUBG, the powerhouse behind Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, will exhibit the story behind the birth of the game, that has been listed in seven World Guinness Records category as the early-access game on Steam that amassed $100 million in the shortest span of time.

LG Electronics is opening a booth for its gaming monitors and computers. Its latest dual-screen smartphones will be available for visitors to try out playing the mobile version of PUBG’s Battlegrounds.

Internet technology firm NHN’s cloud service Toast will showcase cloud-based game platforms Gamebase, AppGuard, Workplace Dooray! at its business-to-business booth.

Gamebase is a one-stop platform that provides game operation functions for certification, payment, management and analysis.

AppGuard is a mobile app security solution that protects source codes, blocks memory manipulation, hacking and fabrication, as well as offers an anti-debugging service.

Workplaace Dooray! is a tool for internal collaboration that combines and streamlines projects, e-mails, messenger and calendar.

Experts behind the development of Toast will speak at G-Star’s G-Con, on how to prevent mobile game hacking.

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