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[Advertising Awards] SK Innovation pursues green strategy for sustainable growth

By Cho Chung-un

Published : Oct. 29, 2019 - 16:39

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By Lim Su-kil
Head of PR Office

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all who joined and supported SK Innovation’s corporate PR campaign, “Our innovation is natural,” that embodied our attitude toward the environment.

Under the campaign’s slogan, we sought to convey our management strategy of “green balance” that aims to uphold the values of nature, while at the same time carrying a message that the firm’s innovation supports the environment and our innovations come about naturally.

Through the campaign, we wanted to make the company more likeable, and approachable to millennials who may feel distant from the company’s business-to-business operations.

SK Innovation had produced a series of “artvertising” in collaboration with world renowned artists for its previous PR campaign.

Our latest campaign, meanwhile, is designed to entertain millennials and exhort a sense of nostalgia for the older generation by reflecting “new-tro” trend in our projects.

With the music featured in a quiz show “Mysterious World,” the campaign video starts by showing endangered animals looking surprised.

To express our strong aim for the growth of various eco-friendly new businesses such as batteries for high-performance vehicles, hyperlight materials for automobiles, next-generation mobility lubricant, eco-friendly asphalt, gas station powered by solar energy, we produced and assigned advertisements in series for prints.

Starting with the version that depicts endangered animals in a collage of leaves, each advertisement showed a business project in the same diagonal layout. The left side carried the advertisement copy, while the right showed our eco-friendly businesses.

Securing technology for sustainable growth both for humans and the nature is something a global energy and chemical firm has to focus on, and we wish such determination was effectively conveyed through the campaign series.

SK Innovation has set up a management goal to not only carry out various energy and chemicals businesses, but also pursue economic and social values at the same time. And we are taking steps to realize such social values in various fields, such as by supporting social enterprises that are involved in eco-friendly businesses.

We plan to continue implementing various communication activities in the future to further promote the company’s green strategy and we ask for your continued interest.

Lastly, I’d like express my gratitude to readers of The Korea Herald and its staff for this award.