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Lamb on the table

Conrad Seoul presents homey Italian lamb dishes

Backed by the rising popularity of lamb here, Conrad Seoul’s Italian dining restaurant Atrio presents its Italian Lamb Trio promotion, with Australian cuts of the featured meat.

Seeing a 300 percent increase in its lamb rack sales from January to September on-year, the restaurant has teamed with Meat & Livestock Australia’s Korean unit to present promotional lamb dishes using Australian lamb, dubbed the True Aussie Lamb. 

The trio dishes are a rack of grilled lamb rack, lamb osso buco and lamb stew.

Grilled lamb rack (Conrad Seoul)
Grilled lamb rack (Conrad Seoul)

For grilled lamb racks, they are marinated in apple mint to mask the gamey smell. Served with grilled vegetables and mint oil sauce, the lamb racks deliver the true soft texture of young lamb.

While osso buco is a specialty among Milan’s regional cuisine usually cooked with veal, Atrio presents lamb osso buco this season, braising lamb in white wine with vegetables. The dish is suitable for lamb enthusiasts, as it keeps the strong, distinctive smell of the meat.
Lamb stew (front) and lamb osso buco (Conrad Seoul)
Lamb stew (front) and lamb osso buco (Conrad Seoul)

Lamb stew, the restaurant insists, may be the easiest and most familiar dish for Koreans. The meaty texture is there, but cooked with mushrooms, the gamey smell is weak. The broth can also be a nice offering as the weather gets colder.

“Atrio has always been famous for using young lamb. The grilled lamb rack is a signature dish of the restaurant that diners keep coming back for. I hope through the promotion, more can experience the true charms of lamb,” said Marco Di Pasquale, the food and beverage director of the hotel.

Each lamb dish is priced at 33,000 to 39,000 won ($28-$33). The promotion will continue until Oct. 31.

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