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[Travel Bits] Festivals, sights across Korea

Everland ‘Horror Club: Fear the Night’ festival

Everland theme park is presenting a horror-themed party “Horror Club: Fear the Night” on each Saturday of October.

The event, held as part of its annual zombie-themed festival “Blood City,” will feature DJs like Bequz and Cream, along with performance by rock band Devil’s Rock.

Around 100 staff will be dressed as zombies, clowns and monsters, creating a Halloween vibe. Photo spots will be set up at various places, including at the recently unveiled Raptor Ranger attraction.

Some of the most popular attractions, including T-Express, will have a horror theme as well.

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Anmyeondo Beach Shrimp Festival

The Anmyeondo Beach Shrimp Festival is being held in the Anmyeondo Port area, known for its wild tiger prawns.

Tourists and residents can enjoy the opening ceremony, performances, fireworks and hands-on activities, such as shrimp catching, mudflat exploration and talent contests.

The festival continues until Sunday.

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Odaesan Mountain Culture Festival

Odaesan Mountain Culture Festival is an annual celebration to provide visitors a chance to experience Korean Buddhist culture based on Odae’s characteristics.

The festival will tell various genres of stories through a combination of arts and humanities with their themes ranging from ecology to environment, science, art, materials and spirits.

It will be held Oct.11-13, and is available to visitors of all ages.

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Busan One Asia Festival

Busan One Asia Festival will be held Oct.19-25 throughout the Busan area.
The programs for the festival includes K-pop concerts, hip-hop and EDM concerts, K-pop star showcases and other events. It is open to visitors of all ages.

Varying charges apply for some programs.

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Mindungsan Eulalia Festival

The Mindungsan Eulalia Festival is taking place in the Mindungsan area in Gangwon Province.

Events include weekend mountain climbing, talent contests, Arirang singing contests, eulalia music concerts, a gateball competition and eulalia photo exhibitions. There are also opportunities to taste local food, write postcards and try mountain horseback riding.

It is open to visitors of all ages, from Friday until Nov. 10

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