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[팟캐스트] (321) 조국 법무부 장관 검찰개혁 추진계획 발표 / CU, GS25 등 편의점 50%가 적자 겪어


진행자: 김다솔, Paul Kerry

1. Cho Kuk lays out prosecution reform plan

기사 요약: 조국 법무부 장관이 취임 한달을 맞아 ‘검찰개혁 추진계획’을 발표했다. 특수부(특별수사부) 폐지와 형사·공판부 강화 등 검찰 권한 조정 방안과 별건 수사 금지, 수사 장기화 제한 등 인권 보호 방안이 두루 담겼다.

[1] Embattled Justice Minister Cho Kuk laid out measures to reform the prosecution Tuesday, proposing to curb its power to direct probes and better protect human rights during investigations.

*Embattled: 궁지에 몰린
*Curb: 억제하다, 제지하다
*Probe: 조사

[2] Cho, whose family is under investigation over corruption allegations, made the announcement during his first press briefing since taking office last month, stressing the public’s call for prosecution reforms.

*Corruption: 부패, 타락
*Allegation: 혐의

[3] The reform measures came as Cho’s wife, Chung Kyung-shim, was summoned for questioning for the third time over her alleged involvement in committing academic fraud and making shady investments. His brother, Cho Kwon, is also awaiting a court’s decision on his arrest warrant.

*Summoned: 소환되다
*Fraud: 사기
*Shady: 수상한 구석이 있는
*Arrest warrant: 구속 영장

[4] As part of the reform measures, the prosecution’s special investigation units will be abolished, except for three major ones. The elite squads of experienced prosecutors charged with investigating high-profile corruption cases have been criticized for being politically motivated.

*Reform: 개혁
*Squad: 반, 선수단, 팀
*High-profile: 세간의 이목을 끄는

[5] The scope of prosecutors’ direct investigations will be limited as their dispatch outside the prosecutions offices will be kept to the minimum. The role of units on criminal probes and trial-related affairs will also be expanded.

*Scope: 범위
*Dispatch: 파견하다


2. Most convenience stores make losses

기사 요약: GS25·CU·세븐일레븐 등 주요 3사 편의점 5곳 중 1곳은 일 매출 110만원 미만의 '적자 점포'인 것으로 조사됐다

[1] Approximately 48 percent of franchisees of major convenience store chains here such as CU, GS25 and 7-Eleven suffered deficits last year amid severe market saturation, a lawmaker said Tuesday, citing industry data.

*Deficits: 적자
*Market saturation: 시장 포화 상태

[2] Based on convenience store association data, disclosed by Rep. Woo Won-shik from the ruling Democratic Party, 47.8 percent or 15,819 of the country’s total 33,068 convenience stores as of last year reported sales of less than 1.5 million won ($1,255) per day.

[3] Among them, 20 percent or 6,646 stores reported daily sales of less than 1.1 million won. Around 7 percent earned less than 800,000 won per day.

*Daily sales: 일매출

[4] CU, operated by BGF Retail, had 48 percent of stores reporting less than 1.5 million won in sales per day, while the corresponding figure for GS25 was 33 percent.

*Corresponding figure: 해당되는 수치

[5] According to industry data, the number of convenience stores rose from some 12,000 in 2008 to some 45,000 as of the first half of this year, driven by an increase in single-member households as well as diversified categories of products sold 24/7.

*Driven by ~: ~로 인해 발생된
*Single-member households: 1인가구
*24/7: 24시간 내내