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LG Chem files additional lawsuits against SK Innovation

LG Chem said Friday it has filed additional lawsuits against SK Innovation and its US affiliate, raising the stakes in a monthslong legal battle over electric vehicle battery patents. 

In a statement, LG Chem said SK Innovation and SK Battery America are infringing its patents for lithium-ion batteries. The lawsuits were filed Thursday with the US International Trade Commission and the US District Court of Delaware.

The move came in response to SK Innovation’s Sept. 3 lawsuits alleging that LG Chem and LG Electronics had violated its patents for EV battery technologies. 

LG Chem logo
LG Chem logo

“In the case of patent infringement lawsuits, responding with counter lawsuits is a global trend when one is accused by competitors,” LG Chem said, adding it was necessary to “protect its legitimate right to intellectual property.”

According to LG Chem, there are five cases of patent infringement by SK Innovation regarding electronic vehicle battery technology. LG Chem claimed that SK Innovation has made illegal profits from the violations.

SK Innovation, for its part, said it would sternly deal with the accusations.

The two companies have been in a legal tit-for-tat since LG Chem accused SK Innovation of stealing business secrets about EV batteries in April. Earlier this month, SK Innovation lodged countersuits with the US court, saying that LG Chem infringed its EV battery patents.