[Herald Design Forum 2019] Not to be missed at Herald Design Week: ‘Art Night’ and 'Bro.Colle'

By Shim Woo-hyun
  • Published : Sept 23, 2019 - 17:32
  • Updated : Sept 23, 2019 - 17:50

This year’s Herald Design Forum features evening party and design programs where people can listen to insider experience and information from design industry personnel, in addition to lectures delivered by preeminent experts in the design field during the day.

A scene from Muto’s performance The National Theater of Korea‘s Yeowoorak Festival in 2017 (Muto)

Art Night

“Art Night” is Herald Design Forum 2019’s evening event that brings together a speech, performance and party.

Artist Bae Jae-hyuck will open Art Night with a speech on ecological issues that we face in the era of automation. Bae is a member of teamVOID, a local media art group that creates works that combine art and technologies, including robotics. The art-technology initiative has collaborated with big-name companies like Samsung Electronics and Nike.

Artist Bae Jae-hyuck of teamVOID, a local media art group that create works that combine art and technologies, including robotics. (Courtesy of the artist)
Media art group teamVOID’s 2015 work “P-Luna,“ shown at Davinci Creative Festival 2015. (Davinci Creative)

Following Bae’s speech is a music performance by Muto, a four-member team that combines the traditional string instrument geomungo sound by Park Woo-jae with electronic dance music by Idiotape member Zeze.

The team is well known for its use of folding-screen like panels that display visual works and laser light projections to accompany the music, created by Park Hun-gyu and Hong Chan-hyuk, respectively.

Since their first collaboration for a performance in Argentina in 2016, project band Muto has performed at various venues including the National Theater of Korea’s Yeowoorak Festival in 2017 and at S-Factory, a factory-turned multipurpose cultural space located in Seoul.

The forum’s speakers, designers and artists as well as officials from local companies are expected to attend the party 


"Bro.Colle" is a newly launched program by Herald Design Forum and local design firm Bros, where local designers from different fields talk about their experience in the design industry.

The program, which runs Oct. 6-9, includes lectures, field trips and speeches where visitors can learn about work experiences and how to start a new business in the industry.

From 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Oct. 6 at Ilchi Art Hall in Ganganm-gu, designers working in different fields, from industrial design to animation, will deliver a series of lectures.

Bang Jeong-in of design studio TwoThree, Bahn June-cheol of user interface and experience consulting firm Design X, Her Sae-hee of Cool Enough Studio, Cho Kyung-hun of animation production firm Studio Animal, Seo Dong-hyuk of video production company Flipevil and illustrator Sung Lib will detail their experiences in their areas of specialization.

From Oct. 7-9 at Herald Square in Yongsan, three designers are to share their experiences and stories about how they started their businesses.

Lee Won-chan, a professor and director of design studio Minimalist, will offer a history of his company on Oct. 7. The following day, Lee Je-youn will talk about her branding agency Eggplant Factory. On Oct. 9, Shin Ri-na of industrial design firm Object& will give a speech titled “‘In-house Designer, Out-house Designer.”

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