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N. Korean media highlights typhoon repair efforts on Chuseok day

North Korean state media reported Friday that concerted efforts are under way to repair the damage caused by Typhoon Lingling, which recently hit the Korean Peninsula.

   The government has distributed food, clothing and other necessities to communities that have been affected by the typhoon, according to Korean Central Television (KCTV).

   It added that government agencies were sharing in the hardship of typhoon victims and doing all they could to provide them with relief supplies.


   The Rodong Sinmun, an organ of the ruling Workers' Party of Korea, said that repair work on seven separate sections of railroad that were lost during the tropical storm has been finished, allowing for unhindered movement of passengers starting early Thursday. The paper said the speedy repair over a three-day period is making it possible for people to travel easily for Chuseok.

   Chuseok, Korea's autumn harvest celebration, is one of the biggest traditional holidays for all Koreans, with people usually heading to their hometowns to meet family and pay tribute to their ancestors.

   The Rodong Sinmun added that soldiers, government workers and residents finished fixing the roof of the Koryo Museum in just one day.

   North Korea observers here said that the media focus on repairs shows Pyongyang's desire to both demonstrate to its people its ability to carry out disaster control and solidify the support of the population behind the government.

   The media reporting this year is in contrast to the coverage of the background and history of Chuseok last year. In 2018, North Korea media focused on the importance of upholding national tradition.