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Coupang launches special sales event for 1.2 million bedding items

Coupang, a leading e-commerce platform, said Friday it has launched a special sales event for a massive number of bedding items for the fall and winter seasons.

Its online bedding store offers 1.2 million bedding products in 12 categories -- blankets, beddings, indoor bed tents, electric blankets and carpets.

The main page of the category displays a fully furnished bedroom decorated with products so that customers can easily pick products of their choice. 

The main page of Coupang’s bedding store
The main page of Coupang’s bedding store

“Coupang newly introduced the fall/winter bedding store as more of our customers are looking for trendy home decorations for the new seasons” said Helen Yoon, Coupang’s senior director.

“We will continue to recommend various deco items to help customers style up their home during the upcoming seasons.”

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