Renault Samsung stands out in crowd with deep localization

By Cho Hyee-su
  • Published : Sept 4, 2019 - 15:39
  • Updated : Sept 4, 2019 - 17:51

While it may not have the largest market share in South Korea, Renault Samsung Motors is playing a significant role with its active localization efforts.

The local unit of French automaker Renault Group operates a plant in Busan that was ranked No. 8 for productivity out of 148 automobile plants worldwide in a 2016 evaluation by the Harbour Report.

The company also contributes to the local economy. In 2017 it brought in more than 2.44 trillion won ($2 billion) for its suppliers, up 11.3 percent on-year and nearly double the corresponding figure for 2013.

The automaker is also making efforts to localize its popular models to suit the preferences of consumers.

The QM3, a subcompact crossover sport utility vehicle known globally as the Renault Captur, achieved its highest monthly sales figure in July, since last year, having sold 900 units.

The dainty design and high fuel efficiency of the QM3 makes it popular in the local market, even six years after its release, Renault Samsung said.

Also, the automaker’s bestselling crossover SUV, the QM6, sold 4,262 units in July, ranking second in monthly sales in the local SUV market and beating rival Kia Motors’ Sorento in monthly sales for the first time since its launch.

Its upgraded model, New QM6 LPe, launched in June last year, was also Korea’s first liquefied petroleum gas-powered SUV.

Renault Samsung said it is fulfilling the needs of consumers with its reasonable price and upgraded specs.

In line with the company’s vision, the SM6, a midsized sedan, is what the automaker calls a reasonable premium automobile.

Meanwhile, Renault Samsung said it will expand its product line with the release of Renault Master, a commercial van that seats 13 to 15 passengers. 

Renault Samsung’s Clio Iconic is shown front and center, with electric vehicle Twizy behind it and the newly released Master at the back. (Renault Samsung)

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