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LG, Naver cooperate on dual-screen browsing platform

In order to provide better user experiences on dual-screen devices, LG Electronics has partnered with Naver to work on expansion of the web portal’s multitasking-focused browsing platform, the company said Tuesday.

LG will adopt Naver’s web browser Whale for the firm’s upcoming devices, which will focus on optimizing the user interface of LG’s dual screen devices.

Whale is marketed as an “omni-tasking” browser that enables users to operate more than two tasks at one time. The browser offers convenient features like screen division, quick search and side bar. 

(LG Electronics)
(LG Electronics)

The user of an LG dual-screen phone can use two different search engines -- for example Naver and Google -- in order to get results on both portals at the same time.

It is the first time Naver and LG have worked together in the field of mobile devices. The two tech giants have been working together on artificial intelligence and robotics.

LG will introduce its K50S and K40S smartphones featuring the Naver Whale platform at IFA2019 next month.

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