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Police investigate assault of Uzbek migrant

The police said Friday that they have launched an investigation into an assault case amid growing public outrage as a video went viral showing a migrant from Uzbekistan being beaten by a Korean manager at a farm. 


In the video, which was posted on social media, the supervisor verbally and physical assaulted the foreigner, who was asking for gloves at the farm.

“Get on with your work before I kill you,” the Korean shouted, which was filmed by a Uzbek student studying in here. “Why do you ask for gloves? You should carry them yourselves.”

The video footage captured the Korean punching the migrant worker in his face and knocked him down.

The Labor Ministry of Uzbekistan has filed a complaint with the police in Gwangju, asking them to find and punish the assailant. There are about 3,200 ethnic Koreans from Uzbekistan living in a village in Gwangju.

The police said they are trying to find the person who was filmed in the video and posted it online, to identify the victim and the assailant in cooperation with Uzbek authorities.

By Ock Hyun-ju (