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Renault Samsung adds KT’s voice assistant tech to new QM6

Automaker Renault Samsung said Monday it has partnered with telecom firm KT to provide Easy Link, a “vehicle infotainment” system utilizing voice assistant technology.

Easy Link is a new in-vehicle system that provides a combination of information and entertainment to car users. It will be equipped on the upgraded QM6, the company’s most popular midsized sport utility vehicle model that was unveiled in June.


According to Renault Samsung, with a simple call to Giga Genie, KT’s voice assistant technology, car users can summon a total of 11 functions such as music playlist, navigation, Wikipedia search engine and English translations.

The automaker hopes to use Easy Link to transform cars from a mere mode of transportation to a new cultural space that provides both fun and safe driving, it explained.

Meanwhile, the sales of the upgraded QM6 passed 4,600 units in just a month since its release, and Renault Samsung will also make Easy Link available to customers who have already purchased the vehicle.

By Cho Hyee-su (