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Japanese man accused of illicitly filming athletes at FINA barred from leaving country

A Japanese spectator at the FINA World Championships has been barred from leaving the country following accusations he took illicit footage of women’s water polo players in a restricted area, according to police.

Gwangju Gwangsan Police Station on Sunday booked the Japanese man, 37, on suspicion of violating laws on sex crimes. 


While the suspect was scheduled to return to Japan on Monday after undergoing police questioning, police requested immigration authorities prohibit him from departing the country.

According to laws on immigration control, a temporary ban on departure from the country can be placed on foreign suspects who are considered a flight risk.

Police suspect the man of sneaking into an area restricted to women’s water polo players and taking footage of the bodies of an unspecified number of athletes. The situation was reported to police by another spectator.

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