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JTI Korea launches smoke and odor-free vapor Ploom Tech

By Cho Hyee-su

Published : July 11, 2019 - 15:00

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Japan Tobacco International Korea, the local unit of a global tobacco manufacturer, announced Thursday the upcoming release of its odor-reduced tobacco vapor product Ploom Tech.

The heat-not-burn vapor product, set to release on Monday next week is said to be the first vapor product to utilize hybrid technology, in which tobacco leaves are indirectly heated through vapor.

According to JTI Korea, the liquid cartridge, which does not contain nicotine, is first heated at a low temperature to emit vapor. The vapor then passes through tobacco leaves inside a capsule, heating the leaves to deliver infused vapor to the user.

Ploom Tech Starter Kit and Mevius for Ploom Tech refill packs. (JTI Korea) Ploom Tech Starter Kit and Mevius for Ploom Tech refill packs. (JTI Korea)

Ploom Tech has no smoke, no ash, and studies have shown that approximately 99 percent of the odor concentration is reduced compared to conventional cigarettes, making it free of smoke odor, the company said.

Also, the product has a long-lasting battery which runs through five capsules before recharging is required. Each capsule allows some 50 puffs.

JTI Korea will release Ploom Tech Starter Kit containing a battery, a USB charger, and an adaptor, which will retail for 35,000 won. Mevius for Ploom Tech, a refill pack containing five capsules and a cartridge, will retail for 4,500 won.

The market for HNB tobacco has been rapidly expanding here with some 92 million packs having been sold in the first quarter of this year, up 33.6 percent from the same period a year ago, according to the Finance Ministry data.

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