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Samsung Galaxy Fold internally ready for launch

Samsung Electronics has completed fixing the flaw in the outer film of the Galaxy Fold and has set a retail price for the Korean market, according to company insiders Monday.

In order to prevent the protective film on the outer layer of the foldable display screen from being taken off by hand, the company has decided to adopt a slightly bigger film to cover the entire screen and conceal the edges of the film underneath the screen’s bezel, a Samsung official told The Korea Herald. 


Since there was room between the device and outer film, some early reviewers peeled off the film on the screen and broke it, which led to the unexpected postponement of the world’s first foldable phone’s debut in April.

Another problem the company has been trying to fix was that the protective film is so thin and vulnerable that it could leave a mark on the screen due to external shocks, like an intended press with a fingernail.

“This problem will be solved as the company is planning to adopt an improved version of the material for the next generation of the foldable phone,” said another company official.

Samsung seems to have finished setting the retail price of the Galaxy Fold for the Korean market, too, which suggests an imminent launch.

On the website of Samung’s sales platform, the final price of a Galaxy Fold with a gold-color hinge has been revealed as 2.52 million won ($2,150).

For the US market, the price was set at $1,980, excluding taxes.

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