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Iksan mayor urged to resign over racist remarks

Civic groups are calling on Mayor Chung Heon-yool of Iksan, North Jeolla Province, to resign after making racist remarks about children from multicultural families.

“Biologically and scientifically speaking, they say crossbreeds are stronger,” Chung was quoted as saying in a media report. “Multicultural children are cute, but they might cause a riot if they are not properly brought up.”

Iksan Mayor Chung Heon-yool (Yonhap)
Iksan Mayor Chung Heon-yool (Yonhap)

According to Iksan City Hall, the mayor made the comment May 11 during an event for multicultural families. The event was attended by about 600 people, many from multicultural families with members from China, Vietnam and other countries.

The mayor sent out a written statement last Thursday apologizing for his “choice of words.” He added that he had spearheaded many efforts to protect the rights of multicultural families during his term.

Human rights groups based in North Jeolla Province published statements last week calling for the mayor’s resignation. They criticized his remarks as expressions of hate and racism.

By Kim Arin (
Korea Herald daum