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Man uses stolen IDs to supply 5-year sleeping pill binge

A man, 33, was booked on suspicion of misusing other people’s personal information to obtain sleeping pills, Busan police said Monday.

According to the Busan Seobu Police Station, the man obtained a total of 6,157 zolpidem pills over the past five years, starting in April 2014, having made 232 visits to 10 hospitals in Busan. 


Police say he received the prescriptions in his friends’ names and took an amount exceeding the advised dosage, which is one pill per day.

Zolpidem is a psychotropic medication with a high potential for dependency, so a face-to-face appointment with a physician is required for prescription.

Police said the suspect is currently hospitalized at a mental institution in Busan with consent from his family. They are also investigating his motive for acquiring the drug habitually at excess amount.

By Kim Arin (
Korea Herald daum