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Koreans drinking more Chinese beer

South Korean consumer preference for imported beer is changing, with Chinese beer gaining popularity, industry data showed Thursday.

An analysis of sales of imported beer in Korea over five years, by CU, South Korea’s largest convenience store chain under BGF Retail, indicated a shift in consumer preference for beer from different nations.

Data showed that sales of Chinese beer have increased twofold since 2014, taking up 10.2 percent of total sales of imported beer and ranking third in terms of sales by country, amid the growing popularity of Chinese food among consumers. 


Meanwhile, Japanese beer remained the most popular, accounting for 27.5 percent of total sales. However, the figure has decreased by more than 10 percentage points since 2014, when it stood at 38.1 percent.

European beer also proved popular, with beer from Belgium, the Netherlands, and France taking second, fourth and fifth place, respectively. European beer took first place with a combined 49.8 percent of total sales.

By Cho Hyee-su (