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SK Broadband expands program varieties for B tv

SK Broadband, a subsidiary of SK Telecom, announced Thursday its IPTV service B tv will provide subscribers more program varieties.

B tv will be rolling out children educational programs, health and fitness programs, as well as E-mart discount coupons, the company said.

Of the programs dedicated to infants and toddlers, one is called “Playsongs Home,” a music service made by SK Broadband and music preschool Playsongs.

Infants and toddlers under the age of three can watch music programs which uses music to cultivate children’s cognitive and developmental skills, it said.

As for users who want to exercise, it provides a fitness program called “B tv x FitDay.”

B tv provides “B tv x FitDay” program with exercise videos. (SK Broadband)
B tv provides “B tv x FitDay” program with exercise videos. (SK Broadband)

The biggest feature of the program is “Full Voice” function, which explains detailed fitness movements. Combined with video instructions, the program mimics a real one-on-one training experience, the company said.

There will also be Pilates, yoga and fitness videos instructed by well-known trainers.

SK Broadband has also formed a strategic partnership with retail giant E-mart to provide “E-mart Specialty Hall.”

Based on B tv’s recommended video on demand, users can purchase E-mart discount coupons that match the theme of the video.

SK Broadband said by adding the new features, it aims to not only be a content but also lifestyle platform.

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