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Police raid firms related to Seungri

Police on Thursday raided two companies related to Seungri and the scandal-ridden club Burning Sun as part of an investigation into embezzlement charges involving the former Big Bang member.

Investigators searched the offices of Junwon Industries and Yuri Holdings to seize materials related to alleged embezzlement by Seungri. 


Junwon Industries is a major shareholder of Burning Sun Entertainment, which had run the club. Yuri Holdings is an investment company that Seungri and Yoo In-suk co-founded in 2016 to invest in restaurant and entertainment businesses. Yuri also has a stake in Burning Sun Entertainment.

Police had found that funds from Yuri Holdings had been used to pay attorney fees when a staff member of Monkey Museum, a bar that Seungri and Yoo opened in 2016, became involved in a criminal case.

Police have booked Choi Tae-young, CEO of Junwon Industries, Seungri and Yoo on charges of embezzlement.


Police have also requested a Taiwanese businesswoman surnamed Lin, who invested in Burning Sun, to appear for questioning over suspicions that she laundered money through the club. She is speculated to be funded by a Chinese criminal organization called the Triad.

In addition, police have requested law enforcement authorities in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore for any information on criminal organizations related to Korea.

“Lin has not replied whether she will be present. Should Lin’s criminal charges be verified, we will seek international cooperation in the investigation through Interpol,” a police official said.

The Burning Sun scandal, which began with allegations of drug use and violence at the Gangnam club, has implicated a number of celebrities, club employees and ex-police officers.

As for the sex video case involving Seungri and other celebrities, police have detained singer Jung Joon-young on charges of distributing his sex videos and referred him to the prosecution with a recommendation of indictment.

Police plan to wrap up a probe into five others, including former FT Island Choi Jong-hoon, over charges of illegal filming this week and refer them to the prosecution with a recommendation to indict.

Regarding drug use and distribution charges at Burning Sun, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency has apprehended 59 people, 11 of whom have been detained.

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