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N. Korea slams S. Korea's stealth fighter jet deployment

A North Korean propaganda website criticized Seoul's deployment of stealth fighter jets on Sunday, warning that such a provocative act could jeopardize the peace mood on the Korean Peninsula.

   Late last month, South Korea received two U.S.-made F-35A fighter jets, although the date for their full operational deployment has yet to be decided.

   A total of 10 F-35A fighters, manufactured by the U.S. defense firm Lockheed Martin, are set to arrive in South Korea by the end of this year. In 2014, Seoul decided to purchase 40 F-35As for deployment through 2021 at a cost of 7.4 trillion won (US$6.5 billion).

North Korea`s leader Kim Jong-un(right). Yonhap
North Korea`s leader Kim Jong-un(right). Yonhap

   "(The introduction of stealth fighter jets) is a hostile act that escalates military tension on the peninsula, and an outright challenge to peace-building efforts," Uriminzokkiri, a North Korean propaganda website, said.

   The website said South Korea should ponder the catastrophic results of the stealth fighter jet introduction.

   Amid diplomatic efforts to denuclearize North Korea and foster lasting peace on the peninsula, Pyongyang has responded sensitively to Seoul's new fighter deployment plan.