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SK Innovation’s new PR campaign draws 20m views online

SK Innovation’s new public relations campaign “Imagination Into Reality” has gained 20 million views within 27 days of its launch, making it the fastest growing PR campaign by the company, SK Innovation said Wednesday.

SK Innovation, an energy and chemical subsidiary of SK Group, released five 12-second videos last March to promote its philosophy and vision. The videos feature innovative technologies currently in the works at the company.

(SK Innovation)
(SK Innovation)

Since the release, the videos have gained popularity online for their clear messages on the businesses the company is working on.

Social network users have also commented on how well the videos represent SK Innovation as a company.

With the growing popularity of the series, SK Innovation subsequently released English versions of the videos to cater to global audiences. It expects these versions to be popular as well.

Both the Korean and the English videos can be viewed on SK Innovation’s YouTube channel as well as the SKinno News website.

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