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Premier Music launches application for music learners

South Korean music lesson franchise Premier Music has launched a new smartphone application for easier lesson management, the company said Thursday.

The application allows parents and students to communicate more easily both with Premier Music teachers and the company, and at the same time provides features such as lesson schedule management and fee management.

Premier Music values communication and thus has patented its music lesson management system to strengthen user satisfaction and work efficiency, explained the company. 

Premier Music application (Premier Music)
Premier Music application (Premier Music)

Premier Music is a music franchise that provides one-on-one customized music lessons, group lessons and lessons for educational institutions. The company also hosts concerts and competitions for music learners. 

Students can not only sign up for piano, woodwind, string instrument and choir lessons, but can also learn to play Korean classical musical instruments.

The franchise currently has 30 branches across five regions in South Korea.

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