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Gas explosion at mine kills 1 worker, injures 5

A worker died and five more were injured Wednesday night in a mining accident in Gangwon Province, the Energy Ministry’s Eastern Mining Safety Office said Thursday.

The accident happened inside the Geumcheon mine at around 8:25 p.m., when a gas explosion occurred 1,075 meters below the surface. 


A 53-year-old worker who was in the mine was taken to a hospital but later pronounced dead.

Two workers are being treated at Hallym University Medical Center for serious burns to their faces and bodies. Three workers are reported to have sustained minor injuries.

The six workers were dispatched to the mine at around 4 p.m. Wednesday to carry out a caving operation, which involved the use of explosives to detach coal from the mine’s walls and ceiling.

An authority from the Eastern Mining Safety Office said the accident likely occurred when the explosives ignited methane gas from the coal bed.

Police and the Eastern Mining Safety Office are to conduct an on-site investigation Thursday.

By Park Ju-young (