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Man jumps to his death after stabbing 4 at nursing home

A man in his 70s jumped to his death after stabbing four others living together at a nursing home in Ulsan, the police said Friday.

According to the Ulsan Police, the 77-year-old assailant, surnamed Oh, stabbed a 78-year-old victim who was sleeping in the same room. Oh then stabbed three others staying at two different rooms at around 12:10 a.m. Friday.

Oh killed himself by jumping out of the building’s second-floor window. 


The victims, who sustained injuries near the neck, face and other parts, were transferred to a hospital; one was severely wounded, but none of their lives are in danger, police said.

Staff from the nursing home told police that Oh fought with one of the victims on Thursday morning.

The suspect was admitted to the facility in 2006. He suffered from depression and dementia. Police said no one visited Oh at the nursing home after his arrival in 2006.

As specific criminal intent has not been revealed, police are questioning staff and the victims.

By Park Ju-young (