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Indonesian arrested for mining cryptocurrency at college

A 22-year-old Indonesian man was arrested Tuesday for allegedly setting up and operating a virtual money mining program on dozens of college computers.


The man is suspected of having set up HoneyMiner, a program used to mine Bitcoin and Monero, on 27 computers in the common computer room of a college at the end of January, and of operating it for several days.

Song Young-seung, chief prosecuting attorney of the Ulsan District Court, issued an arrest warrant for the suspect as he was a flight risk.

The man enrolled in the college in 2014 and studied there until the first semester of last year before being expelled in September for failing to register.

He had allegedly installed and operated mining programs by using the college’s computer room even after his expulsion.

The man was caught in downtown Ulsan on Sunday, as police had searched for him on charges of trespassing. Police will investigate whether the suspect benefited from the mining of crypto currency and caused damage to the school.

By Lee So-jeong (