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7 teens arrested for locking up, attacking man seeking underage sex services

A man in his 20s who sought to pay for sexual services from an underage girl was reportedly locked up and attacked by seven teenagers over two days.

The seven teenagers were arrested on charges of extorting money from the man who attempted to buy sex from a 14-year-old girl, according to Gwangju Bukbu police Tuesday. 


The teenagers are reported to have contacted the man, 28, via a chatting app two weeks prior, whereupon they asked him to meet in a motel room. The man met the teenager on Sunday, and while he was taking a shower the girl sent a text message to the others saying she had left the door open for them.

Upon coming out of the shower, the potential sex buyer found himself surrounded by seven teenagers identifying themselves as brothers and sisters of the 14-year-old. They then threatened to report him to police for solicitation of underage prostitution.

The teenagers reportedly forced the man to rent three vehicles and give them 2.58 million won ($2,295) from Sunday to Tuesday.

Three of the seven suspects were caught at the scene when the potential sex buyer reported them to police after his release. The remaining teenaged suspects were caught heading home in the rented cars.

The teens, several of whom were on probation stemming from prior criminal offenses, are reported to have planned the crime to pay for entertainment expenses.

Police are investigating the suspects for other crimes they may have committed. Contacted by The Korea Herald, police commented the man would face punishment related to the solicitation of underage prostitution, but refused to elaborate as to what that would entail.

By Kim Hye-soo (