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[K-talk] Hwang Chi-yeul to release 2nd album in 12 years

Singer Hwang Chi-yeul will return with a new album on Jan. 21.

The upcoming record will be his second album since his debut in 2007 with the album “Five Senses.”

Representing the singer, How Entertainment said Wednesday, “The album will feature Hwang’s unique yet sentimental voice.”


Hwang released the EP “Be Myself” in April last year. The 36-year-old singer rose to stardom in 2015 after nearly a decade in obscurity. Since then, Hwang has established himself as one of the hottest K-pop solo artists, with his “Be Ordinary” EP selling over 220,000 copies.

The artist has also gained attention in China, where he is dubbed “K-pop Balladeer.” In 2016, he appeared on the Hunan TV program “I Am a Singer,” a Chinese version of the Korean TV series of the same name.

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