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N. Korea bashes US for 'pressure' on human rights

A North Korean state propaganda outlet slammed the United States on Saturday for its "extreme pressure" over its human rights issues throughout the year, calling for mutual respect.

In an article carried by Uriminjokkiri, the North said the US has made "fusses regarding human rights issues against us throughout 2018," citing such events as the UN passage of the rights resolution and Washington's designation of the North as a violator of religious freedom.


Claiming that "such explicit interventions into the domestic politics aim to collapse our regime," the propaganda website said Washington is nothing but "binding itself to the past" while vowing to have in-depth dialogue with Pyongyang to create new relations and to establish a permanent peace regime.

"Now is time to eliminate obstacles that stand in our way and take goodwill measures while boldly discarding wrongful prejudices and practices and building mutual respect and trust," the article said. (Yonhap)