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Cheerleaders protest online sexual harassment

Cheerleaders have pointed out sexual harassment prevalent online, particularly the Ilbe Storehouse.

Baseball team Samsung Lions cheerleader Hwang Da-geon said in a post on her Instagram on Monday, “Cheerleader as an occupation is fun, but is this the price I have to pay? I can’t bear to look at the dirty comments section.”


Hwang, 18, says she has been sexually harassed by online comments uploaded to online community Ilbe Storehouse. Aside from the comments, she said people have been sending her unwanted sexual photos and videos.

Although the cheerleader received support and consolation from many, others criticized Hwang, saying it was her fault for wearing revealing clothes in the first place. A public petition filed on the website for the presidential office has called for cheerleaders to be banned from sports games.

Following the critical opinions, fellow cheerleaders Shim Hye-sung and Park Hyun-young raised their voices concerning the issue. Shim condemned the malicious comments: “(The commenters) put the burden on the victims by saying ‘If you don‘t want to get sexually harassed, wear nonrevealing clothes.’”

Park wrote on her Instagram that they work as cheerleaders not because they like to wear revealing clothing, but because they like to dance and go on stage.

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