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[Letter to the Editor] Feminism debate a step forward

I disagree with San E’s priorities in regards to feminism, but it seems like a good amount of his opposition is based on misinterpretation.

His initial release of “Feminist” is him playing a character, and much of his criticism is constructed as if those lyrics are a literal expression of his ideals. Instead, the track is a satire of men who pretend to be feminists and internally resent the movement.

To me, it didn’t reveal much about his direct views on feminism. His subsequent releases “6.9 cm” and “OongAngOong,” along with his words at his recent concert, however, established his strong opposition against radical feminist groups such as Megalia and Womad.

Though I do disagree with what those extreme groups are promoting, it’s worrying that many people, including San E, are more intent on eliminating radical feminism than actual gender inequality.

The strong reaction and controversy surrounding San E following these tracks reflect the current rise of and pushback against feminism in South Korea. I think it’s good that there is at least awareness and discussion surrounding this issue, rather than a steadfast mindset of keeping things the way they were; this way, progress is allowed to happen.

From Annie Chang
Student, Notre Dame High School
San Jose, California, US
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