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[Trending] Hong Jin-young’s sister exudes joyful energy on TV

Korean trot singer Hong Jin-young appeared on a TV show with her sister, Hong Sun-young, Sunday night, and the sibling soon captivated Korean viewers with her joyful energy.

The singer had talked about her sister several times on TV, but it was the first time for the older sister to actually show up herself.

Hong Sun-young (SBS)
Hong Sun-young (SBS)

The two revealed their daily life via SBS reality show “My Little Old Boy,” featuring a pork belly meokbang, or eating broadcast, as well as mini-concerts.

The Hong sisters had pork belly delivered to their home early in the morning. The singer warned her older sister not to overeat or drink too much of the carbonated beverage included, but Hong Sun-young insisted she would eat whatever she wanted.

“I need soda pop to digest food and breathe well,” the sister joked, refusing advice on losing weight.

During the show, the sisters sang and hummed songs while at home and in the car, making harmonies with their voices. Hong Sun-young reportedly majored in vocal performance at university. 


After the show aired, terms such as “Hong Jin-young’s sister,” “Hong Sun-young” and “My Little Old Boy” inundated trending bars across search engines. As of 3 p.m. Monday, “Hong Jin-young’ sister” was still in the No. 1 spot of Naver’s trending bar.

“Did you watch ‘My Little Old Boy’? It was the first time appearing on TV with my sister. She’s not working in the (entertainment) industry, and she has never done such a thing before. She has a soft heart, so she can easily get hurt by tiny comments,” the singer wrote on her Instagram.

Despite the singer’s worries, viewers heaped praise on the older sister for her confident attitude and outgoing personality.

“Wow, I love her voice! I wish I could see her more often on TV,” one comment on Naver read.

“I knew that Hong Jin-young is a very outgoing person. She looks just like her sister!” another comment said.

“Thanks for the support, I love you! I feel a bit shy and my heart beats fast as I’ve never had this much attention before,” Hong Sun-young wrote on her own Instagram, posting a screen-captured image of Naver’s trending bar.

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