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Bodyfriend’s Lamborghini massage chair wins CES award

South Korean health care group Bodyfriend’s Lamborghini-themed massage chair won an innovation award at the International Consumer Electronics Show 2019, the firm said Thursday. 

It is the first time a massage chair has won an award in the home appliances category at CES. 

Bodyfriend’s Lamborghini-themed massage chair LBF-750 (Bodyfriend)
Bodyfriend’s Lamborghini-themed massage chair LBF-750 (Bodyfriend)

The company said its premium massage chair won high points in terms of technical skills, design, consumer values, competitiveness and uniqueness. 

Bodyfriend launched a Lamborghini-themed massage chair in June, in a joint effort with Italian luxury carmaker Automobili Lamborghini, injecting $30 million into R&D for the latest model. 

With a sleek design that resembles the super car, the massage chair offers 23 types of automatic massage modes, along with different audio and light therapy functions. Its price is around $30,000, 10 times higher than the company’s other massage chairs. 

By Kim Da-sol (
Korea Herald Youtube