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How BTS’ Suga dealt with nerve-wracking college entrance exam

It’s that time of year again, when around 600,000 Korean students go through one of the most nervous and significant moments of their lives by sitting the nationwide college entrance exam.

And with Suneung, Korea’s annual college entrance exam, taking place on Thursday, BTS Suga’s recollection on Twitter of that nerve-wracking day has resurfaced across social media, which fans called as super down-to-earth.

His tweet, dated November 2015, read, “Hi this is Suga. Today is the college entrance exam day and it reminds me of how I dealt with that event.”

“Since I was living apart from my parents, I had no one who could prepare a lunch box for me. A day before Suneung, I just tried to fall asleep, thinking, ‘I should just buy some gimbap before taking the exam.’ But I couldn’t sleep.”


On the day of the exam, Suga recalled that he felt extremely nervous on his way to the test site while carrying a lunch box he received from his bandmates.

“Time really went slow. And even I, who wasn‘t really interested in academics since I was 17, as my life revolved around the studio and workroom, felt nervous that day,” he wrote.

After finishing the exam, Suga said that he couldn’t sleep that night as he felt distracted and overwhelmed with thoughts.

He also didn’t forget to offer some words of advice to test-takers, saying, “I thought turning 20 would make my life more dynamic. But it wasn’t actually. So don’t get nervous and just pour out as much as you’ve prepared.”

“And just enjoy your time after the exam, as you’ve been competing for the last 12 years. But don’t drink alcohol as you guys are still underage.”

The annual test began at 8:40 a.m. earlier on the day at 1,190 test sites in 86 districts nationwide.

Stars who are taking the test are Weki Meki’s Choi Yoo-jung and Lua; DIA’s Somyi; Stray Kids’ Kim Seung-min and Hwang Hyun-jin; IZ*ONE’s Kim Chae-won; From_is9’s Lee Chae-young; Golden Child’s Choi Bo-min; The Boyz’ Sunwoo and Hwall; and Loona’s Heejin and Hyunjn.