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Parties agree to handle bill on drunk driving soon

Rival parties agreed Monday to expedite the passage of a bill aimed at toughening punishment on drunk drivers during the ongoing parliamentary regular session.

In October, more than 100 lawmakers co-authored a revised bill on drunk driving. It is called the Yoon Chang-ho act, after a 22-year-old soldier who died last week after being in a coma since September, when he was struck by a motorist who was driving drunk in the southern port city of Busan.


The bill calls for stringent punishment of drunk drivers. In cases where driving under the influence leads to death, it calls for sentencing ranging from at least five years in prison to life imprisonment and the death penalty, while the current law subjects the offender to at least one year in prison.

It also calls for stricter standards of blood alcohol level for punishment.

The floor leaders of the ruling Democratic Party and two opposition parties agreed to handle the bill at an early date during their regular meeting with National Assembly Speaker Moon Hee-sang held earlier in the day.