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Kim Hyun-joong returns to small screen after scandals

Kim Hyun-joong is coming back to the small screen nearly four years after being mired in a number of scandals.

Kim, who faced a paternity dispute with his ex-girlfriend and was caught driving under the influence of alcohol, will star in “When Time Stopped,” KBS W’s first Wednesday-Thursday drama series, which premieres Wednesday.

The 12-episode fantasy romance show garnered attention following reports that it would star Kim, who debuted as part of boy band SS501. Kim will play the role of main character Moon Joon-woo, who has the ability to stop time.

(Herald DB)
(Herald DB)

While the show is novel in its own right, Kim’s personal life expectedly was at the center of attention during the show’s press conference Tuesday.

Speaking to press, the actor said, “It’s not the most comfortable thing to be here now personally. I want to be as honest as possible to the press as well as promote the show.”

“I want to do my level best from where I am for my child,” the actor said solemnly, while apparently cautious and refrained from speaking too much. The actor also added he could not see the child at the moment.

Kim has faced a legal battle with his ex-girlfriend over the last few years over child support and paternity.

(Shot by Yim Hyun-su, edited by Lim Jeong-yeo/The Korea Herald)

The actor said he contemplated life over the last four years, including two years spent fulfilling his mandatory military service.

“When I got used to being in the military and disconnected from the outside world, I had time to focus on myself.”

“I didn’t go outside much. I thought about whether my life has failed or what I can do to find happiness again,” before adding that he also received support from people around him, which helped open his heart.

The actor said the support is the reason he decided to pursue music and acting again, before adding, “Without a long future guaranteed, I just want to be happy for the day these days.”

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