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Soyou to drop new EP ‘Part.2 Re:Fresh’

Soyou from now-defunct Sistar is returning to the music stage with an EP after a 10-month hiatus.

“Part.2 Re:Fresh” set to be released Thursday at 6 p.m. is a follow-up to her first solo EP, “Part.1 Re:Born,” dropped in December 2017. 

(Starship Entertainment)
(Starship Entertainment)

The EP features collaborations with well-known producers like Groovyroom and rapper Sik-K, and diverse singers. The tracks span various genres to showcase Soyou’s diversity.

The lead track “Black Night” has catchy Latin rhythm and lyrics that express love with the metaphor of a black night. 

(Starship Entertainment)
(Starship Entertainment)

In a teaser of the music video for “Black Night” released on Sept. 30, Soyou shows a perfect transition from her original style of tender and mellow ballads to a powerful dance song.

Soyou debuted with the girl group Sistar in 2010. Dubbed “Tone Queen,” the singer is popular with fans for her vocal tone and delicate expression of emotions. She has built her music career with various collaborative works with artists.

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