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Popular Korean mask brand Mediheal enters Europe’s offline market

Global mask brand Mediheal is entering the European market by opening a branch at a premium department store Selfridges in London, following their popularity in China, the company said last week.

Mediheal made by L&P Cosmetic has been seeing increased in sales of their “Flowater Hydro Gel Mask” and three other products sold at Selfridges’ online channel in England.

A total of seven products will start to be sold at their offline store. Selfridges, an upscale retailer was founded in 1909 by an American businessman and has four stores all over England. L&P Cosmetic added they are in talks of opening at Europe’s distribution channel H&M, Primark and Watsons. 

Mediheal facial masks (Mediheal)
Mediheal facial masks (Mediheal)

The cosmetics company was established in 2009 and by 2013, recorded sales of 10 billion won ($8,988,800) of its mask brand. The sales gradually increased to 57 billion won in 2014, 189 billion won in 2015, 400 billion won in 2016, before dropping to 300 billion won in 2017 due to the diplomatic tension between South Korea and China over the former‘s hosting of a US missile defense system.

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