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Teen Top returns with energy of ‘Seoul Night’

Seoul is a city that never sleeps; bright with glowing neon signs and buzzing with every hustle and bustle. But the city is also where the members of K-pop act Teen Top became K-pop stars. Nine years on, the group -- which deserves the title of “veteran” in this fast-paced industry -- embodied the energy of a bright night in the capital with its new EP “Seoul Night.”

“Our new album is the album we’ve participated in the most. It will remind fans of Seoul’s dazzling night and deliver its bright energy,” said band leader C.A.P during a showcase for “Seoul Night” in Seoul on Tuesday. 

Teen Top performs during a media showcase for its new EP “Seoul Night” in Seoul on Tuesday. (TOP Media)
Teen Top performs during a media showcase for its new EP “Seoul Night” in Seoul on Tuesday. (TOP Media)

“Seoul Night,” the lead track of the act’s eighth EP, is based on future base genre that is often seen in recent K-pop songs. As the song’s title suggests, the dance track lyrically depicts the night of the busy city while the dynamic rhythms synth beats mingle well with the festive atmosphere. The song’s accompanying music video also shot at the backdrop of beautiful Seoul skyline, featuring the city as where young people gather to pursue their dreams. 

“The song will give strength to every Korean listener. It’s also a good song to hear any time, any day,” Changjo said.

A huge part of the group’s longevity credits Brave Brothers, a hit producer duo who made many of the group’s hit songs such as “Crazy,” “To You,” “Miss Right,” “Rocking,” its second full length album “High Five,” and most of the songs from the “Seoul Night” album.

The six-track album also includes two of Changjo’s self-made tracks “Let’s Play!” and “Go Away,” “Without You” and “S.O.S.”  

Teen Top (TOP Media)
Teen Top (TOP Media)

Teen Top originally debuted as a six-piece group with its first single album “Come into the Word” in July 2010. After ex-member L.Joe left the group in February last year, the act released its second full-length album “High Five” in April and continued to promote as a five-piece. It has also recently released its first ever drama soundtrack for SBS’s “Switch” and wrapped up its European tour “Teen Top 208 Europe” last month.

The group shared how its mindset for its showbiz business has changed over the last nine years.

“When we were rookies, we just followed the instructions. Three years later, we started to contemplate on what kind of music we should do, and now, we are just enjoying everything. There’s no strings attached, and we try to show whatever we can,” Niel said.

Teen Top will hold its fan meeting in Hong Kong on May 22.