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Sewol to be placed in upright position this week

The wreck of the Sewol ferry, currently lying on its side at the southwestern port of Mokpo, is set to be placed in an upright position this week, paving the way for further searching for the remains of victims still missing, investigators said Monday.

The Sewol ferry, which sunk off the country's southwestern coast near Jindo Island in April 2014, claiming more than 300 lives, was hoisted from the seabed last year and put onto land in a port in Mokpo, not far from the site of the accident.

The Sewol Investigation Commission said it has decided to put the 6,800-ton ferry upright on Thursday, claiming that the weather conditions are expected to be favorable on that day to carry out the procedure. 


On Monday, the commission installed 33 steel beams under the ferry to prepare for the operation.

After a demonstration on Wednesday, the commission said it will start the full-fledged operations at 9:00 a.m. on Thursday, which are expected to take around four hours.

The complete process of putting the ferry in an upright position, including removing beams, will be done by June 10.

Five people are still missing from the deadly disaster, in which most of the victims were high school students on a field trip. (Yonhap)


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