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Ex-Glam member Dahee debuts as BJ on Afreeca TV

(Afreeca TV)
(Afreeca TV)

Dahee, formerly of now-defunct K-pop girl group Glam, started a new career as a BJ on popular video-streaming service.

After breaking the news on her social media account last week, she took to her first broadcast on Tuesday with a new moniker Kim Si-won. It was Dahee’s first broadcast appearance in four years.

“I have been working in part-time jobs and as a fitting modes. I wanted to sing so badly,” said Dahee during the broadcast.

“I decided to become a BJ after much thought. I ask for your interest and support.”

(Dahee`s Instagram)
(Dahee`s Instagram)

Dahee debuted as a member of Glam, a four-piece girl group formed under the orchestration of Bang Si-hyuk, head of Big Hit Entertainment, in 2012. But in 2014, it was revealed that she and model Lee Ji-yeon blackmailed actor Lee Byung-hun by using a compromising video. Dahee was sentenced to a year in prison in January 2015 but was released upon appeal with a suspended sentence. Glam disbanded in January 2015. 

Despite her attempt to revamp her career, netizens have been giving her the cold shoulder with comments such as “Wasn’t she a criminal? Afreeca TV should ban criminals from broadcasting” and “She should apologize to Glam members for the damage.”