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SC Bank Korea’s airline card rewards users with bonus flight to SE Asia

Standard Chartered Bank Korea’s newly-released airline miles credit card with efficient options that can reward a user free flight tickets to destinations like Southeast Asian nations, in return for spending at least 2 million won ($1,900) each month for a year.

Launched in March, the new credit card dubbed “Plus Mile” offers at most bonus 3.5 miles to fly Asiana Airlines or bonus 3 miles with Korean Air, both per 1,000 won spending. 

A model promotes Plus Mile card. (SC Bank Korea)
A model promotes Plus Mile card. (SC Bank Korea)
This means those spending 2 million won each month for a year will be given some 40,000-45,000 miles, exchangeable with a free round-trip ticket to most of Southeast Asian nations from Korea, according to the banking unit affiliated to London-based global banking giant.

The Plus Mile card has more options for frequent travelers, depending on the amount of the spending using the card. Benefits include free passes to airport lounges at home and abroad, as well as a 70 percent decrease in commission fees for exchanging the Korean won with currencies such as the US dollar, the Japanese yen, the Chinese yuan and the euro.

In addition, those subscribing to Plus Mile card before the end of May will be given a digital voucher in the form of “gifticon” for a cup of Starbucks Americano coffee for free.

By Son Ji-hyoung