[Box Office] Movies in theaters this week

By Yoon Min-sik
  • Published : Apr 20, 2018 - 17:32
  • Updated : Apr 20, 2018 - 17:39

Opened April 12
Directed by Kim Ji-yeong

Four years have passed since the Sewol ferry sank on April 16, 2014, leaving 304 dead or missing. A documentary team tracks down and analyze records from the day of the sinking -- including the ship’s AIS record -- to come up with their own answer to why the ship went down.

Opened April 12
Action, Sci-Fi, Adventure
Directed by Brad Peyton

Primatologist Davis Okoye (Dwayne Johnson) shares an unshakable bond with silverback gorilla George, who has been in his care since birth. But a rogue genetic experiment gone awry mutates this gentle ape into a huge, raging creature of enormous size, along with other beasts.

What a Man Wants
Opened April 5
Directed by Lee Byoung-heon

Legendary playboy Seok-geun (Lee Sung-min) introduces Bongsu (Shin Ha-kyun), who is married to his younger sister Mi-yeong (Song Ji-hyo) to a world of womanizing through social media dating. But things start to get complicated when Jenny (Lee El) enters the picture.

Ready Player One
Opened March 28
Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Directed by StevenSpielberg

When the creator of a virtual reality world called the Oasis dies, he releases a video in which he challenges all Oasis users to find his Easter egg, which will give the finder his fortune. Wade Watts/Parzival (Tye Sheridan) finds himself leading the hunt after conquering the first challenge.