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Daewoo E&C to start selling Cheongju Hillspark Prugio apartments next month

Daewoo Engineering & Construction is slated to start selling apartment units of Cheongju Hillspark Prugio from next month.

The apartment complex will be located in Cheongwon-gu, Cheongju, the capital and largest city of North Chungcheong Province. 

A perspective view of Cheongju Hillspark Prugio (Daewoo Engineering & Construction)
A perspective view of Cheongju Hillspark Prugio (Daewoo Engineering & Construction)

Cheongju Hillspark Prugio, which recently began construction, will contain a total of 777 households, with the area for each apartment ranging between 75 square meters and 121 square meters.

The company said Prugio will provide a pleasant living environment, as the complex is located near the large Saejeokgul park and diverse amenities, including large stores, markets, hospitals, hotels, swimming pools and an art museum.

The apartment complex is also located near Cheongju Industrial Complex, Ochang Scientific Industrial Complex and Osong Biovalley.

Within Cheongju Hillspark Prugio, there will be various fitness facilities, including gyms and a golf practice range, the construction firm said.

The complex will also be equipped with diverse and systematic security systems, according to Daewoo. Smart door cameras will be installed at the front door to automatically take a photo of a person when he or she approaches a certain distance. The photos can be seen through the home network system and smartphones.

The complex will also have parking control systems that recognize vehicle numbers, unmanned guard systems, an unmanned delivery service, an emergency call system in the parking lot and a parking location recognition system. 

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