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Sex education tutoring gains popularity with #MeToo

With increasing cases of sexual violence surfacing in various sectors of Korean society, including schools, some parents are seeking out private tutors to give sex education classes to their kids.

There has been a hike in parents calling private institutions to inquire about one-on-one or group sex education lessons, reports said Monday.

According to lecturer Lee Su-ji of Lala School, an organization that offers specialized sex education for different age groups, the calls have increased by about 50 percent compared to pre-#MeToo times, a local media outlet reported. 


Organizations that specialize in sex education tailor their courses to the clients, who range from elementary school students to the elderly.

The courses can deal with specific schoolyard scenarios, such as what to do when classmates send obscene photos to each other or if a peer exposes him or herself.

Parents online have been debating the appropriate age for children to begin learning about sex, and the right methods. 

A sex education webtoon
A sex education webtoon

“I’ve felt the need for professional advice in teaching my 8-year-old son about healthy sex after reading about so many cases of sexual violence in the news recently,” one online comment read. “It’s difficult to tell how children will react and what constitutes the best way to inform them.”

Some have shared webtoons, videos and other resources online.

“We need to think about why sex education is so important,” said one online comment. “We need to inform children so they don’t make mistakes they’ll regret for their entire lives just because they didn’t know better.”

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