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Minor collision of Korean Air plane delays departure

Korean Air’s airliner KE011 en route to Los Angeles crashed into the tail of a different Korean Air plane inside the parking ramp. Takeoff was delayed for more than three hours. 

Korean Air
Korean Air

According to Korean Air, the plane was being dragged by the tow car inside the parking ramp at Incheon International Airport on Tuesday at around 8:20 p.m. The plane was getting ready to be moved to the runaway for taxiing, the company said. 

While 292 passengers and 24 flight attendants were on board the plane, its wing-end bumped into the tail of a different Korean Air plane that was also inside the parking ramp. 

The air carrier said none of the people on board were hurt, since the crash was not severe and did not cause any damage to the body of the plane. 

Passengers were asked to board an identical model of different plane and were offered meal service while waiting. The plane departed 3 1/2 hours later, Korean Air said.

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