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Korea launches special police unit to fight online sex crimes

South Korea’s National Police Agency launched a national task force to fight against cyber sex crimes on Tuesday.

Police officers gathered Tuesday to commemorate the launching of the new team at the Human Rights Center in Yongsan District Police Agency. The Ministry of Gender Equality and Family Affairs, the Korea Communications Commission and civic groups also attended the ceremony. 

The team is in charge of battling online sex crimes, including what is called “revenge pornography,” as well as child pornography and exploitation. The team will also be responsible for offering counseling to victims, deleting leaked personal videos and blocking access to illegal sexual content and conducting investigations into specific online cases. 


Operated by 50 policemen nationwide, the task force will pick one to six officers to work specifically in the cyber bureau of local police stations across the nation.

Because more victims of sex crimes are female, at least one female police officer will join the team to help collect evidence and handle testimony from the victims.

At the end of the ceremony, the police reiterated its mission to prevent cyber sex crimes and protect victims by signing a partnership with the Korean Women’s Lawyers’ Association.

Aside from state agencies, the team vows to work closely with the US Department of Homeland Security and the Internal Revenue Service, UK‘s National Crime Agency and other foreign state agencies.

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