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[PyeongChang 2018] Useful apps for games visitors

For foreigners visiting for the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Games but have no idea where to go what to do, one of the world’s most wired countries in the world offers a barrage of mobile applications for assistance.

These are some of the mobile apps that provide assistance on transportation, food and even language.

All applications are also provided in English, and are available for both android and iPhone.

An image of Atlan app in use. (Mappers)
An image of Atlan app in use. (Mappers)

3-D navigation app “Atlan”

This nifty app combines detailed information about the Korean roads in English with a 3-D display.

Once you put in your destination, the app provides basic information including the location, route and guides you through display and voice options. It also points out parking lots, gas stations, coffee shops and other useful information about the area.

The surrounding area is displayed on your phone in 3-D, to give you a better idea of where you are.

The app takes 60.1 MB of storage space.

An image of Atlan app in use. (Mappers)
An image of Atlan app in use. (Mappers)

“Bolt-Exchange” money

Sure, just about every search engine offers currency exchange function, but it is handy to have a built-in application which you can use without worrying about wireless connection.

It is a standard app with 150 exchange rates and a calculator for different amounts, but its biggest advantage is that its light -- only taking 8.2 MB storage space and requiring almost no loading time -- and usable without an internet connection.

You can press the reset button on the top-right hand corner to update the rates. Swiping the key pad to the left also allows you to register your most often-used currencies.

Show me how to “Go PyeongChang”

The official transportation app for the PyeongChang Games provides the route, means of transportation and costs to get to your desired destination. All you have to do is scan the QR code on the ticket for your game.

For detailed information about the app and other apps that can help you move around the country, check out “Alternative apps to Google Maps for Winter Olympics (”

The app takes up only 5.6 MB on your phone.

Guide on “PyeongChang 2018” Games

The official app of PyeongChang 2018 gives you access to information about the games including the schedule, tickets, venue, standings, player information and more.

As of now, prior to the opening ceremony, it gives mostly preview content and general information about the event. You also get a series of stories, current weather about the area, along with overview of the Olympic venues including 3-D maps and drone flyby videos.

It also has push notifications on current events, along with tourism, lodging and transportation information about the host cities.

The app takes about 68.5 MB on the phone.

Dining on “Red Table”

Wit the “Red” short for “real menu, easy order, direct pay,” the app provides information on the top eateries in Korea. Select the region in the top section, and the app recommends highly recommended restaurants in the area.

According to the developers, Red Table analyzes the data about the local eateries shared via SNS and blog, and ranks them. When you click on a restaurant, it gives brief description, location, photos, contact numbers, operation hours and online reviews.

It doesn’t just recommend high-end restaurants. Those looking for relatively low-key places or hole-in-the-wall joints can find something to suit their tastes via this app.

The storage space required of the app is about 60 MB.

Speaking through “Flitto”

This translation app is handy whenever you are in foreign lands, and Flitto offers translation services for 18 languages including Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese.

Users can either type in the words or input vocally via voice recognition. The voice recognition works quite well, even catching the sentences spoken at semi-casual speed.

What stands out about this app is what happens after it translates your sentence. It provides an option for you to request a translation to a larger pool of translators connected to the app. The group, functioning as a collective intelligence, consists of thousands of translators.

It requires 39 MB of storage space.

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